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Is your financial advisor a fiduciary?

Dictionary definition of fiduciary

The fiduciary standard is one of the more misunderstood and misquoted obligations in financial services. Many financial advisors would say they take on a fiduciary duty. At the same time, many advisors are not truly bound by the standard.... Continue Reading

529 plans ➠ Roth IRAs?

Big changes are coming in 2024 to 529 plans and Roth IRAs.

Big changes are coming in 2024 to 529 plans and Roth IRAs. More importantly, for the first time ever these two savings vehicles will soon have a direct link. Here's a brief overview of what to expect in planning... Continue Reading

Financial goals vs financial direction

Financial goals vs financial direction

One of the most common questions advisors ask prospective clients is: "what are your financial goals?" Financial services firms market a goal-centric approach to the general public. With this question, advisors are communicating that you need to have specific... Continue Reading

Wealth Management for High Net Worth

Scottsdale wealth management

Think financial planning is only for people planning to build wealth? What if you already have wealth? I've written about how financial planning helps build and protect wealth; in this article I'll speak to wealth management for those who... Continue Reading

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