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Our Financial Planning approach

We believe that authentic financial planning is synonymous with true wealth management. True wealth management encompasses every aspect of your financial existence.

Why is this important? Simply put, because every decision you make in one area will inevitably affect other areas of your financial life.

Our approach to wealth management is straightforward and effective. We initiate the process by focusing on the following steps:

We leverage Elements, a comprehensive financial monitoring system that helps us keep track of your financial health in real-time. With this powerful tool, we can provide you with a beautifully designed One Page Financial Plan that is both easy to read and continually updated as life is moving.

Using the financial health indicator tiles on the page, you can easily explore specific aspects of your financial plan and get more detailed information.

Our Investment philosophy

In the world of investment management, it’s all too common for firms to prioritize pursuing short-term returns or pushing convoluted financial products. However, at our firm, we prioritize building investment strategies that are both responsible and aligned with your unique financial goals.

We achieve this by leveraging a wealth of investment knowledge, a strong investment philosophy, and cutting-edge technology to empower our clients to invest fearlessly. Our investment selection process is firmly grounded in empirical evidence, starting with gaining a thorough understanding of your individual risk tolerance.

What’s your Risk Number®?

The traditional methods of determining appropriate investment risk are no longer adequate. Categorizing investors into standard classifications of “conservative,” “moderate,” or “aggressive” can lead to selecting an option that is not the best fit for your unique situation.

At our firm, we believe that identifying the correct level of risk requires a more personalized approach. We use innovative techniques that take into account a wide range of factors, such as your financial goals, lifestyle, and overall financial situation. This enables us to determine a risk level that is truly tailored to your specific needs, rather than simply settling for the closest match.

Our approach uses the Risk Number®. It’s built upon a Nobel Prize-winning framework, and everyone has one. What’s yours?

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors
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