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Set points

With weight control, habit and biology might be fighting against your fitness efforts. I think there’s a similar effect with money.

Have you ever heard of set point theory? At it relates to health, set point theory essentially states that your body has a normal set range for weight. Ever go on a cycle of diet and exercise, lose weight,... Continue Reading

Is a Roth Conversion right for you?

Since 2010 the federal government has allowed people to complete Roth conversions, which is simply moving money from a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Because of contribution limits and income phaseout requirements, some tax payers simply don't qualify... Continue Reading

Will you get a QBI Deduction?

Are you eligible for a Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction? If you expect to earn business income of less than $170,050 single or $340,100 married filing jointly, you may qualify. Your type of business and source of income received... Continue Reading

Is the market a bottomless pit?

After seeing the market go up 5% earlier this week, only to retrace gains at the tail end of the week, is this market a bottomless pit? I recently wrote about the fallacy of waiting for things to normalize.... Continue Reading

Will it ever normalize?

Growth of $1 in the S&P 500 since 1926

These are the words that keeps crossing my mind. "Will this market ever normalize?" We are now a good 11 months into this market downtrend. Actually, if we're being picky, the tech market peaked in February 2021 and has... Continue Reading

Inflation is HOT again

Inflation persisted in the month of August. The release of the inflation readings this morning sent the market on a selling spree. Gas prices - the pain of the summer - are lower; however, food, shelter, and medical costs... Continue Reading

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