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Life Moves Wealth Management is a Scottsdale based fee-only financial advisory firm. We provide financial advice that is simple to understand and implement, on purpose with what's most important to you.

Latest Wealth Management News

You call THIS a recession?

GDP by quarter

What defines a recession? Well, the answer depends on who you ask. A Google search of the definition is currently returning all sorts of interesting results. For example, the Wikipedia definition has a disclaimer right at the top of... Continue Reading

Wealth Management for High Net Worth

Scottsdale wealth management

Think financial planning is for people planning to build wealth? What if you already have wealth? I've written about how financial planning helps build and protect wealth; in this article I'll speak to wealth management for those who are... Continue Reading

Inflation at 9.1% - now what?

Today's CPI report shows inflation is up 9.1% from one year ago.  It's the highest rate in more than 40 years - again - and it appears we may still not yet have seen peak inflation. As a quick... Continue Reading

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

"I'm tired of these constant emails and meetings. I'm tired of the stress. I want out of this corporate job!" If you've ever said these words... or even have thought them in quiet desperation, you are not alone. In... Continue Reading


1970 S&P 500

Do you remember 1970? 1970 is a few years (plus a few more) before I was born, so I had to look up some of the events from that year. Of note: The Beatles officially disbanded after less than... Continue Reading

Selling Your Business

Many businesses begin with a well-crafted business plan including the product/service, pricing, supply chain, customer demographics, and marketing ideas. A sound business plan may also include a defined exit strategy, including selling your business. With good fortune and hard... Continue Reading

Life moves. Money moves. Priorities move. What you want for your life moves.

We provide financial advice that moves with you!

Welcome to Life Moves Wealth Management.

Financial advice. Simple. On purpose.

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