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How do Buy-Sell Agreements Work?

A business casual setting with three business owners standing over a table, looking at documents. The owners are dressed in casual business attire.

When a business owner passes away, it's essential to have a plan in place for what happens to their shares. This is where a buy-sell agreement comes in, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership. But who actually buys the... Continue Reading

Does Investing in Real Estate Make Sense?

A realistic image of a well-maintained modern house with clean landscaping, low-maintenance plants, a welcoming porch, and large windows.

Investing in real estate can be a powerful way to diversify your financial assets and generate additional income. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding when it makes sense to invest in real estate and exploring the pros and... Continue Reading

Would You Be An Investable Asset?

Consider this: As a publicly traded company, would you be an investable asset? This may sound like an odd question, let me explain. When evaluating individual stocks, bonds, or alternatives for investment portfolios, I focus on the health of... Continue Reading

Common Exit Strategy and Business Monetization Options

Image of a business owner standing in their office, staring thoughtfully out a large window.

The thought of planning an exit strategy or monetizing your business can feel overwhelming or something too far down the road to think about. But, being proactive about guiding the direction of your business is crucial for any business... Continue Reading

Estate Planning Adjustments To Consider before 2026

Image of our free checklist: What Issues Should I Consider Before and After the TCJA Sunset Occurs?

With potential changes to tax laws coming in 2026, now is the perfect time to revisit your estate planning strategies. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) increased the federal estate tax exemption to $13.61 million per... Continue Reading

Maybe Cash Isn't Trash... This Time

100 dollar bills and and various coins spilling out of treasure chest

Ever the heard the phrase "cash is trash"? For years that has been the case, certainly since the 2008/2009 time frame when interest rates were too low to pay a cash yield. For the past year or so, this... Continue Reading

Why EBITDA matters for your business

Cover art for episode 37 of the Financial Purpose Podcast, How to Use your EBITDA to drive your business

If you’re running a business, you’ve probably come across the term EBITDA. Understanding this metric can be incredibly useful, providing insights into your company’s operating performance and helping to shape your strategic decisions. EBITDA: What It Is and Why... Continue Reading

What Happens to Your Business When You Die?

image of a buy-sell agreement document on an office desk

Let’s deal with an uncomfortable question: What happens to your business when you die? The thought of death is unsettling - it’s the great unknown of this life. Because no one really wants to deal with their own mortality,... Continue Reading

Bitcoin ETFs: A Guide for Investors

Mousetrap and bitcoin coin. Cryptocurrency is still a tricky asset class for many investors.

Bitcoin ETFs are officially available on US listed exchanges. This is a significant development in crypto trading. These ETFs providing greater access to the volatile yet potentially rewarding world of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. As with any investment, careful consideration... Continue Reading

$33 Trillion and uncertainty

Cover art for episode 32 of the Financial Purpose Podcast, $33 Trillion and uncertainty.

Signs of economic uncertainty are showing up in more places throughout the BIG economy, which impacts the LOCAL economy that you and I intersect every day. From home prices to mortgage rates, car prices to auto loan rates, inflation... Continue Reading

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