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Stock picking is hard

10 year stock price performance chart for Nvidia (NVDA)

Honest investors can attest that stock picking is hard. A strong conviction pick can lead to out-performance one year and under-performance the next. Or, vice-versa. I recently saw a discussion on Twitter among financial professionals based on the following... Continue Reading

Debt Ceiling

Chart showing the US debt ceiling since 2006. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned the US government could run out of money by early June.

The US debt ceiling is all over the news today, so let’s talk about it. Before 1917, Congress had the ability to use the Power of the Purse at their own discretion. In effort to make the federal government... Continue Reading

Fed raises rates (again)

The Fed raised rates again today - the 10th hike in this current cycle. As a range, Fed funds rate was 0.00%-0.25% just 13 months ago. With today’s hike, it is now set a range of 5.00%-5.25%. The Fed... Continue Reading

Advice gap

a survey of wealthy advisors shows a massive advice gap between the services clients expect of their advisors vs what is received

What services do you expect from your financial advisor? What are you actually getting? Think about it. Is there a gap between your advisory expectations and the reality? Research from SpectremGroup among wealthy investors shows there’s a massive advice gap in... Continue Reading

What to do with your 401(k)

What should you do with your 401(k) when changing a job? The US is the only developed economy where cashing out is an option. It's called Retirement Leakage, and it's harmful to your wealth.

Changing jobs and wondering what to do with your 401(k)? You have four options available for your 401(k) plan when changing jobs. Yet, almost half of job changers cash out. A Harvard Business Review study found that approx. 41%... Continue Reading

Making better decisions!

an insightful visual aid to demonstrate how the quality of our decision-making process impacts our results.

Making better decisions requires an effective and structured process. Consistently following such a process can be challenging, especially when emotions come into play. Emotions can cloud our judgment and steer us away from the logical path. This generally leads... Continue Reading

Mental health and money

Mental health and money are on a continuum as discussed by Dale L Shafer of Life Moves Wealth Management and Jamie L Born of Born Counseling

Mental health is a key factor in financial health. The money beliefs that you internalized during your formative years, known as personal money scripts, can shape your financial decisions throughout your life. Awareness of these money scripts and their... Continue Reading

Banking and FDIC Insurance

Number of bank failures since 2009, according to the FDIC

Banking systems and FDIC insurance have captured public interest in the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failure. How much do you know about the fractional reserve banking system? In a fractional reserve banking is a system, banks... Continue Reading

Is your financial advisor a fiduciary?

Dictionary definition of fiduciary

The fiduciary standard is one of the more misunderstood and misquoted obligations in financial services. Many financial advisors would say they take on a fiduciary duty. At the same time, many advisors are not truly bound by the standard.... Continue Reading

5 tips for financial motion sickness

Fast ride, motion sickness. financial tips

Have you ever been on a boat in rough waters? Or on a super fast-spinning ride? How about the back seat of a car on a mountain road. These are some of the times when you might feel motion... Continue Reading

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