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Business Owners

Your business is more than just a business. It’s one of your largest assets. Are you treating it well?

Is your business part of your total wealth strategy?

How much of your net worth is in the business? What is your business worth… really? Do you have a good handle on the health of your business AND personal financials?

Have you saved enough?

Does cash flow drain make it difficult to save for yourself? Have you helped your employees save? Are you relying too much on the sale of the business?

Are you optimizing tax strategies?

Are you paying too much? Is your entity type and business activities aligned for tax efficiency? Are your personal financial planning needs part of your total tax strategy?

What if something happens to you?

Will your family have enough money to continue a reasonable lifestyle? What will happen to your business? Will you leave a legacy for your family?

We answer these questions with proactive business and personal wealth and exit planning.

Financial stability is key to business growth. Our advisory approach expertly guides you in managing your personal finances and building a profitable business in advance of your exit.

Get an assessment of your business stability

What is your business is worth… really? Most business owners – and their advisors – don’t know. Get in the know – start your valuation here.

How ready are you, financially and mentally, to sell your business? Take our 5-minute Exit Readiness survey to find out.

Is your business built to function without you in the day-to-day operation? Take our 5-minute Owner Dependency survey to learn more.

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