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Your business is more than just a business. It’s one of your largest assets. Are you treating it well?

Many business owners start a business, grow revenues, and eventually consider selling only to find out they aren’t financially ready to be independent of their business – and, often the business is not worth as much as they hoped!

This is where we become incredibly valuable to you, the business owner. Ask yourself:

Are you financially healthy? What about your business? How would you know for sure?

Is your business part of your total wealth strategy?

How much of your net worth is in the business? What is your business worth… really? Do you have a good handle on the financial health of your business AND personal situation?

Have you saved enough?

Does cash flow drain make it difficult to save for your future self? Have you gone periods without paying yourself, just to keep payroll afloat? Are you relying entirely too much on the eventual sale of the business?

Are you optimizing tax reduction strategies?

Does it feel like your taxes are too high? Is your entity type and business activities aligned for tax efficiency? Are your personal financial planning needs integrated with your total tax strategy?

What if something happens to you?

Will your family have enough money to continue a reasonable lifestyle? What will happen to your business and employees? Will you have enough to leave a legacy for your family?

Business owners get actionable guidance for their most important questions at Life Moves Wealth.

We start with a personal financial health review and integrate your business financials. With this approach, you gain a full understanding of how all of your assets – including the value of your business – fit together on your complete balance sheet.

You’ll receive ongoing personal and business financial KPIs to show how you stack up, how you’re trending toward your goals, and what we can do to improve and course-correct along the way.

With a clearer picture of all the pieces, your financial health improves as your wealth grows on purpose and with purpose.

Ready to know where you stand financially? Get started today – click the button below.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors
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