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Ep 23: Stock Picking

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Honest investors can attest that stock picking is hard. A strong conviction pick can lead to out-performance one year and under-performance the next. Or, vice-versa.

I recently saw a discussion on Twitter among financial professionals based on the following question:

Without Googling the answer, what is the best performing US stock over the last 20 years?

Some of the responses included companies like:

* Microsoft (MSFT)

* UnitedHealth Group (UNH)

* Apple (AAPL)

* Amazon (AMZN)

* Nvidia (NVDA)

* Berkshire Hathaway (BRK’A / BRK’B)

* Walmart (WMT)

* Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), and

* Netflix (NFLX)

I responded with Phillip Morris (PM).

The correct answer: Monster Beverage (MNST). By a lot!

Would you have guessed that one correctly?

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