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Ep 28: Becoming a 1%-er

Show Description

Today I want to talk about becoming a 1%er.

I’m not talking about those that fall in the higher earning bracket…. Although that may be a goal for some…

And, I’m not talking about that particular motorcycle club either….

But what I am talking about is Kaizen.

Kaizen, in practice, usually delivers small improvements that yields big results over time.

It starts by simply improving by 1% at a time.

I have found this to be an effective way to get to where you want to be financially, physically, relationally, emotionally, professionally… literally anywhere you want to see improvement.

And by the way… all of those areas: financial, physical, relationships, emotional control, your profession… those are all directly correlated. The more financial stress you are under, the less effective you will be in the other areas.

On the flip side, the side-effects of financial success show up everywhere – and that’s the direction we need to be headed.

And the key is this: you have to wake up every morning and re-commit to taking action towards improvement… just like in your marriage, your career, or your job as a parent. Every day you make a new commitment to stick with it.

1% at a time.

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