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Ep 31: Working ON vs IN your business

Show Description

Many business owners start their businesses because they see a need they can solve, they’re tired of being paid less than their true value, and they want to work for themselves rather than someone else.

One day you wake up and your business is running. Revenue is coming in, costs are going out, and you’re busier than ever.

Ask yourself: is your operations engine running as efficiently as it could? Are you willing to shed the number of hats you’re wearing in order for the business to reach the next level? Is your P&L healthy?

Operations efficiency is the engine of your business. How well is it running?

This episode of the Financial Purpose Podcast features Kendi Brown, Founder of Coati Consulting. Listen to this discussion on the importance of supercharging Operations efficiencies in your business.

Want to know more about maximizing the Operations engine of your business? Get connected with Kendi here.

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