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Ep 34: The Year No One Called [Correctly]

Show Description

2023 might be one of the most unexpected years of all time, certainly as the markets and economy are concerned. It seemed like everyone was calling for a recession. It never came. Most unexpected might be the magnitude of the stock market rally, which looks to be ending the year with a punctuation mark!

As we head into 2024, the major themes I’m watching include:

* Potential for Fed rate cuts

* Is the economy truly slowing based on persistently high borrowing costs and increasing household debt levels?

* Stock market may see high single-digit gains; S&P 500 price target 5,090 (+7%-8% higher) according to Fact Set

* Bond price rally as yields continue to fall

* Housing market and affordability likely to remain challenging

* Ongoing geopolitical conflict and how much money we’re sending abroad

* Election year and nasty, divisive politics

Listen to this episode to hear my thoughts on these factors and more.

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