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The Now vs the Not Yet

I’ve been thinking of this concept that, for lack of better marketing, I’ll call “the now vs the not yet.” Or, for ease of common terminology, living now vs. waiting for retirement.

Here’s how the concept works – Grab paper and pen, write down your answer to this question:

If you knew your time on Earth was short, what would be most important to do or see?

Did you write down your answers? Good.

Now answer this next question:

What are your waiting for?!

What if you could do what is most important in both the Now AND in the Not Yet?

Watch this short video:

Finding balance: retirement vs independence

We’re conditioned to sacrifice in the now for a better not yet some day down the road. Traditionally, that might be called a form of “retirement planning.” Here at Life Moves Wealth Management, the word “retirement” is used very loosely.

The word that is better suited for most clients in place of “retirement” is “independence.” That word describes a point at which they will make a transition from having to work to earn money versus the ability to earn money on their own terms.

For many clients, there is also a growing sentiment that not yet is too far down the road… plus, what if it never comes? In these conversations, we are often looking for ways to accommodate a balance between enjoying some of their time and resources now, while also dedicating resources to their future selves.

What do you want life to look like?

One of the questions I most enjoy asking new clients is:

If you woke up tomorrow morning and life is exactly how you want it to be, what does that look like? Where are you? What are you doing with your time? Who is with you? How old are you?

Undoubtedly, the answers are all over the place. I ask these questions because it gives me great insight into how they see their world, what their hopes and ambitions look like, and the considerations they may have when making financial decisions for both the now and the not yet.

And, these are the kinds of conversations advisors should be having with their clients around retirement and independence, rather than just focusing on a retirement date and rates of return.

Want to talk more about what’s important to you?

Author: Dale Shafer II, CFP®, APMA®, CDFA®

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